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At Skalp Edinburgh we offer free, no obligation consultations by appointment for all types of hair loss including male pattern baldness, diffuse thinning, alopecia and hair transplant scars.

Scalp Micropigmentation (cosmetic hairline tattoo) is the ultimate permanent, non-surgical solution to hair thinning and hair loss.

“At Skalp Edinburgh, we have built our reputation as the leading Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in Scotland by providing the most natural hair restoration service, giving the most realistic SMP results and always going the extra mile for our clients.”

Because we have been in the SMP industry for 10 years, we understand what it’s like to be experiencing hair loss. From our thousands of clients over the many years we have heard every story and have a genuine desire to help. We recognise that you’ll want to have your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment carried out at a discreet, professional and accessible location. We only employ people-people so you will be greeted with a genuine smile and made to feel welcome.

All of Skalp® clinics are comfortable, clean and enjoyable places to spend a few hours.

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"After having 3 hair transplants going back over 10 years now I was left with bad scaring on the back of my head, I’d never ever leave the house without a hat, no chance …I didn’t go on nights out, play sports and never go swimming ( as much as I wanted to I just didn’t have the courage or confidence ).

Now thanks to Claire at SKALP UK Edinburgh and the incredible job that she has performed on my scar and hairline my life is wonderful, no more hiding, I go out hat free and happy, go to the pub and the gym confidently and overall just feel lighter and stress free.

Before I started my treatment I was really nervous and worried about how my smp would look, especially on the scar because you see some okay and bad results online…. if you are living under a hat with a scar from a hair transplant surgery my advice is to give Claire a call at SKALP UK Edinburgh and ask her to show you my pictures..befores, inbetweens and afters… You’ll be amazed, Claire is phenomenal at her job so you’ll be in the best hands… thank you Claire for making me happy again ❤"

- Shane